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In order to better manage meetings and perform deletion, addition, and query operations more efficiently, this SSD8_Ex3 [JAVA_RMI], the Extreme Guest combined with database system knowledge, decided to use the database to manage the meeting.Because each topic of this exercise is a typical database problem, although it is placed on the network and distributed computing courses.

Series links:

SSD8_Ex3 [JAVA_RMI Service] (1) Overview of RMI and Network APIs

SSD8_Ex3[JAVA_RMI](2) Remote Interface Declaration

SSD8_Ex3 [JAVA_RMI] (3) Open RMI Service

SSD8_Ex3 [JAVA_RMI] (4) conference database table

SSD8_Ex3 [JAVA_RMI] (5) database connection and meeting method definition

SSD8_Ex3 [JAVA_RMI] (6) Create Command Line Navigation Menu


Conference database rmimeeting build table

  • Database name: rmimeeting
  • Create three items: users, meeting, meetingrecord

rmimeetingER diagram


Table statement



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