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This is Exam1 for SSD8 practice. It is expected that the extreme guests will write a series. The update frequency will be synchronized with the 2013 level progress of the NWPU Network and Distributed Computing Lab.Click on the tag or search for "SSD8" on this site to get updated SSD8 answers.The previous exercise: SSD8_EX2 [UDP vs TCP]; if you want to continue tracking SSD practice, it is recommended to subscribe to this site. This exercise uses a multi-threaded, TCP communication protocol to create a multi-user chat software, which broadcasts user online and offline messages and normal exchange information to all connected users.The main idea of ​​the very guest is to create a hash map of the socket, traverse the hashmap and communicate with many clients.

First, the experimental topics

According to the list of chat protocols given below, use Java sockets to implement a simple TCP chat server.The server should have the following features: Reading information from each client (2); Can forward the read information to all clients; 3. Obtain the port information through the command line; 4. Listen for specific port (port) request information; 5. Ability to handle concurrent connections, which requires the use of multiple threads to handle each connection. A graphical client GUIClient.jar has been provided in the question.

GUIClient.jar decompiled file in "Related Downloads", which is the client's source code

Second, Chat Server server code

Chat Server.java:



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