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How to use Tabhost tab components

Tabhost tab components are personally considered to be common in Android APPs, such as QQ, App Store, and so on.The following is the QQ tab: QQ believes that it is a must-have for people in the country. It uses messages, contacts, and dynamic three tabs. It also writes a different interface for each tab. This is similar to the “contact” I wrote. Here's how I implemented the tabs and created different interactive interfaces for each option. Tabhost tab uses layout code:


How to move TabWidget below

1. First use RelativeLayout to wrap tabwidget and FrameLayout while adding properties to the tabwidget:

2. The problem with the above step is that the tabwidget of the tab will float at the bottom, but the contents of the tabcontent will also fill the entire screen instead of the tabwidget.To solve this problem, you need to add the following properties to FrameLayout:

How to add content for tabHost (Activity)

The code to achieve is as follows:


new Intent(this,about.class) indicates that the content in tab3 is about.Java.


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