Syntax learning swift(1) Language Description

Syntax learning swift(1) Language Description

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Due to participate in an iOS contest, very guests have recently started learning swift language.The swift language is a new programming language released by Apple in 2014 that develops Apple-owned software. It seems that there is a tendency to suppress the objective c language that was used to develop Apple software. Therefore, individuals feel that learning swift is still promising.Since the development of iOS requires the MAC system, it took a lot of time for my Dell computer to install the “black apple”. However, because of the driving problem, it was impossible to connect to the Internet, which greatly affected learning.To this end, I am very grateful to Mr. Fan Yang for borrowing an idle MAC computer. Compared to the c++, java, php, and javascript languages ​​that have been studied previously, the swift language seems to me more advanced or "Advanced" is more concise than swift in Java and other languages. It is extremely powerful for some data types such as arrays. Writing a large amount of swift code can do a lot of things.The simple, advanced swift can save the programmer's typing workload, but it also means that the language may be more encapsulated.Encapsulation makes members easy to operate

Why doesn't the Android machine have a smooth iPhone?

Why doesn't the Android machine have a smooth iPhone?

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User "foto tomato": Why iPhone6 ​​memory is only 1GB, and many Android machines are quite high, or do you think the iPhone is smooth? Tencent Technology: I believe many netizens have similar questions and feel that Android phones are inferior to iPhone in fluency.Not to mention some low-profile Android phones, even the latest version of the Android system's flagship phone will feel less than the smoothness of the iPhone, so some people use it to judge the Android phone is not good. In fact, this is the difference between the two systems. Different rendering mechanisms The fundamental reason why Android does not have iOS fluency is that iOS UI rendering uses real-time priority, and Android UI rendering follows the normal priority of the main thread of the traditional computer model. Popular point of view is that iOS has the highest priority on the screen reaction. When the user touches the screen, the system will give top priority to the screen display this level, immediately give an animation effect, and then deal with media, services, core architecture. And Android is the pursuit of the process priority, after the screen touch screen display and animation effects on the priority after comparison.Also open


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