[1] Overview – smart car under the pcduino platform

[1] Overview – smart car under the pcduino platform

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  This article uses a Freescale automotive model equipped with a DC motor and an analog circuit control servo to simulate a real car.The PcDuino development board on the car model is equipped with the Ubuntu operating system and is compatible with the Arduino extension to implement hardware control. The binocular camera connected to the development board can capture two channels of video and transmit it in real time over the network to provide support for binocular vision ranging. At the same time, it has developed a "Visual Aided Navigation System" Android-side application that can remotely view the live conditions around the smart car and control the car. I. Introduction The emergence of Arduino's open source hardware platform has greatly improved the efficiency of hardware development. Even software programmers without any hardware infrastructure can write simple code to control the hardware by using the open source library provided by Arduino, greatly reducing the use of Arduino platform. The difficulty of this design. Arduino also offers a variety of expansion boards. The Arduino ecosystem is very powerful. Many developers have developed peripheral expansion modules for Arduino, such as motor modules, infrared control modules, and touch modules. These modules greatly enhance the


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