Strongly recommended domestic and foreign well-known IT technology blog

Strongly recommended domestic and foreign well-known IT technology blog

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Wang Baiyuan’s blog recommends some well-known IT blogs at home and abroad in this article. It provides an international perspective for everyone to learn IT. It can also refer foreign IT articles to translate it into China, and at the same time learn the latest foreign IT knowledge. Keep pace with the times in the IT industry. Domestic articles 1,36氪 ( Currently the most popular technology blog in China, with a blog website that focuses on domestic and international internet business news, has established 36Tree Internet venture capital investment community.The 36-inch name is derived from element 36 of the Periodic Table of Elements, chemical symbol Kr.The legendary comet is the home of Superman.In addition to providing news reports for entrepreneurs free of charge, the 36-day Open Day they sponsored provides a very good platform for the launch of early-stage Internet start-up companies and is held every month in major cities across the country. 2. Tech2IPO ( tech2ipo is itself positioned as “Technology Innovation and Startup Media”. Tech2IPO is the abbreviation of Technology to IPO. It aims to report on early-stage entrepreneurial companies, find innovative entrepreneurial enterprises, and pay attention to startup companies and entrepreneurship. While providing information and entrepreneurial experience,


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