Ubuntu first saw

Ubuntu first saw

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One, UI When I was freshman, I liked to play with various systems, so I had tasted before the company asked to experience the Ubuntu system.For a novice user, the initial contact with an operating system is its UI. My first impression of the Ubuntu system is a better-looking Linux system. It is similar to the Mac system, but no Mac looks good.For users who are accustomed to the operating system of Windows, I still prefer the UI of Windows 7 and Windows 10.Do not know the reason of the system itself or ubuntu PC graphics card support is not a good reason, there is always a Ubuntu interface rendering is not enough delicate feeling. In any case, Ubuntu is more attractive to the Linux system it is exposed to, and the support for visual operations is also better.If you still complain that Ubuntu is not as beautiful as windows, try installing a KDE or GNOME desktop environment on centos and you will find out how beautiful Ubuntu is. Second, the Linux distribution The most basic definition of Ubuntu is the Linux distribution.In the past, I always heard about the word release, but I never knew what the distribution meant.So


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