"Let Dreams Go Hanging" – Video Works

"Let Dreams Go Hanging" – Video Works

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Lead Often think, how do I face university life?Graduated from college, I am a graduate student?jobs?Entrepreneurship? In the face of employment, what kind of self do I want to meet?Future company, what do you want to meet me? You may be obsessed with forgetting to eat in the sea of ​​knowledge, or stay up late in the castle of the game; I know that you in college, despite being in the ivory tower, are still full of longing for the society. Nine members, five colleges, with your own common perplexity in my heart, met each other’s dreams, gathered together and sailed from Xi’an to Hangzhou to make dreams go to hangzhou   video Youku link: http://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMTM0MzU0NzMzMg==.html Background music: "Fly", "Summer" Production Tools: PPT production, edius clips Screenshots

Before you read prezi you will know how weak PPT is

Before you read prezi you will know how weak PPT is

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In a nutshell, prezi is an online speech presentation software.The biggest advantages can be summarized in a few words: zoom, rotation, borderless, online editing, real-time saving, easy to use, and of course free. In addition to presentations, it can also be used to make notes and mind maps (tools to assist in memory) and so on.Scaling can be used to focus the viewer's attention on the whole to the part and make the effect of a movie shot.Rotation allows viewers to feel the leaping feeling of the picture and make the speech lively and interesting.Borderless is compared to Powerpoint, so you don't have to worry about getting out of the border when typing.Online editing allows multiple users to create on the same prezi (similar to other cloud software now available).Online real-time saves you from worrying about data loss.Easy to use, Prezi is easier than Powerpoint, and most people can learn basic operations within an hour.Drag and drop moving objects is convenient, do not need to use the text box (of course, the input is still needed) today's guests download prezi and use it, was shocked by prezi powerful demo features.Using prezi as a presentation, like entering a picture, admiring it


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