WordPress how to write robots.txt for SEO optimization

WordPress how to write robots.txt for SEO optimization

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In general, we hope that the more search spiders visit our websites, the better. I believe that every new webmaster will be a frequent visitor to webmaster tools. When they get up early in the morning, they are concerned about the amount of their own web sites. Zhang Hao Yulin, rising is worry, drop is happy, I want to tell the majority of webmasters friends this is completely unnecessary, the amount included is not the purpose, I think our focus should be how to make your own website has more Baidu search traffic . The robots.txt is the control file of the search engine crawling website. It tells the search engine which pages can climb and which can't climb according to certain syntax. For the introduction and writing syntax of robots.txtd, you can refer to this blog post: Web Spider Access Control File The wording of robot.txt. Maybe you want to say, the more you collect, the better? Actually, the website's webpage does not contain as many records as possible. Everyone knows that search engines compare webpage similarity on the web (when the two pages with too high similarity will disperse the weight), not only will the web site be

Web spider access control file robot.txt how to write

Web spider access control file robot.txt how to write

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Although for the majority of webmasters, we may want search engines to include our web pages as much as possible, but sometimes we do not want search engines to include some of our web pages, such as landing pages, password protection pages, and private pages. .Search engine web crawlers, we often call it the search "spider", because these "spiders" are crawling along the links on the network can be described as invulnerable, once the author even speechless discovery, Google image search spider even my personal The user avatars are all included. This kind of hospitality makes me cry and laugh. So the site's root directory often has a file called "robot.txt". Robot is the meaning of "robot" in English. You can understand it as a web robot, that is, search for spiders. Through the text in this file to tell the search engine which Directory, which page or what format pictures do not want to be included. Let us give you a few examples: The first line: "# Forbid admin page" The first character "#" indicates comments, which can be freely written without any effect on spider crawling. The main function is to remind yourself of the purpose of the


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