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In particular, since the popularity of the WeChat public platform, network APIs have become more and more popular.Internet enthusiasts who do not have any technology and resources can build their own public numbers through free and open APIs on the Internet, and their functions can also be quite powerful, such as checking the weather, checking stocks, checking train tickets, chatting and telling jokes, and checking IP addresses. Mobile phone ownership... Of course, the use of network APIs is not limited to WeChat development. It can also be applied to mobile software development such as Android. A lot of software has weather inquiries, but not all weather software developers have weather satellites and ground stations in their “home”; many softwares provide targeted services based on the location of users: for example, you want to use When you're hungry, you can order a fast food. It can find restaurants near you based on your location. You use a group to buy movie tickets for nearby movie theaters. Now the question is: Do you feel hungry? The map system?Nowadays, the well-known map applications in China include the Gaode map and Baidu map. Both provide APIs for positioning, navigation, and related developer SDKs and documents. Talk about web API Personally think that a large part of the open network interface promotes the prosperity of software applications, especially mobile applications.With the weather API, we can easily create an app for checking the weather. Then we can use the Baidu map API to know the weather where you are currently.And these, if there aren't many open platforms, developers with no money and no technology can't realize it, which also greatly reduces the developer's cost and the threshold. There are free APIs on the Internet, such as map location, IP, and attribution of mobile phones. There are also fees. For example, you need to add a SMS verification code for your website login, and some are free for a certain number of usages. The number of usages exceeds the free package. Outside charges are required. As far as I can see, there are many internet free web APIs, most of which are JSON and webservice, and some other programming language development platform SDK.

Have you ever thought of building an API for your own data?

In the previous article, relying on virtual hosting to provide software update services for homemade APP, I introduced how to use PHP to access the database to return the JSON format string, so as to build their own network API; In the article I introduced the use of java + webservice to connect to the database to publish data and Implement queries, add and delete data operations. Extreme guests recently thought that the school educational system can build an API for students' query results. The One Card Center can provide an API for querying bills. The school's running system provides queries on the number of runs. These are issues that can be achieved in minutes. I don't know if the school does not try it, then hand it over to a third party to implement the relevant APP.Of course, the fact that the API is not open to the public does not mean that there is no way for third parties. The approach is somewhat violent, but it is to impersonate the user to log in, grab the page, and then parse the data for the user.But this is really troublesome and it also consumes the brains of a program.


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