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In September, we entered the junior season.Say goodbye to the Chang'an campus, say goodbye to Zhong Nanshan, which is opposite day and night, and bid farewell to the outdoor flowers of birds singing in the ear. We have come to the friendship campus.We have finally moved into the city from Dashan. The consumption in the urban area is high, but the standard of living has dropped a lot.The IPV6, which has been accompanied by us for two years and gave us countless wonderful experiences, has also fallen by the wind. Moving into the garden, there is no IPv6, and the dandelion of IPv4-supported NWTC has also issued a order to us: your IPv4 address is not an NWPU IP. In order to solve the problem of downloading resources on the campus PT network, there are many legends. Such as IPv6 tunnels, these methods have not been tried by the very guests, but very successful guests successfully use the NWPU open VPN service to successfully download resources on dandelion. Download resources on Dandelion PT via NWPU-VPN

NWPU's campus network VPN service facilitates the staff of the Shanghai University of Technology to access information resources on campus outside the school (such as Fuxiang Office, Yuxiang Network, and library resources).Use a unified authentication account for VPN service authentication (username and password for the campus soaring portal); extremely successful guest tests are valid for dandelions.

Use Internet Explorer (or IE kernel) to open the NWPU-VPN website http://vpn.nwpu.edu.cn

According to the configuration provided by the official website of the West Industrial University, after installing Easy Connect, open the VPN service every time you download the dandelion PT resource.You can visit http://vpn.nwpu.edu.cn and follow the prompts. The browser will automatically start the installed Easy Connect client.

You can download PT resources by starting the VPN service, but it looks like you can't do it.


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