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Long trains, long journeys, and often more than 20 hours of train journeys make us tired.We have found that the closed train is like a mini world. We want to build an information-based "ecosystem" on the train.The traditional train ordering requires the crew to pull in the dining car to ask the passengers and often fail to return. When the train enters the tunnel, our mobile phone signal is completely blank, as if it were isolated from the world. Sometimes we and the fellows are not in the neighbors, and it is very troublesome to change seats. . .We can make a local area network information system based on the train environment: Put a router in each train of the train, bridge all the routers, establish a local area network, set up the server, and provide the following services: 1. Ordering meals; crew members order food delivery, delivery The location is passenger seat number two, where passengers can exchange seats and chat; Third, replace the current crew attendant; Fourth, the train arrives at the station; Fifth, the train station to push the local customs, took the opportunity to implant advertising; Six, resource sharing, Passengers visit the train server to watch the above movies, listen to music, listen to radio stations, etc.;


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