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One, UI

When I was freshman, I liked to play with various systems, so I had tasted before the company asked to experience the Ubuntu system.For a novice user, the initial contact with an operating system is its UI. My first impression of the Ubuntu system is a better-looking Linux system. It is similar to the Mac system, but no Mac looks good.For users who are accustomed to the operating system of Windows, I still prefer the UI of Windows 7 and Windows 10.Do not know the reason of the system itself or ubuntu PC graphics card support is not a good reason, there is always a Ubuntu interface rendering is not enough delicate feeling. In any case, Ubuntu is more attractive to the Linux system it is exposed to, and the support for visual operations is also better.If you still complain that Ubuntu is not as beautiful as windows, try installing a KDE or GNOME desktop environment on centos and you will find out how beautiful Ubuntu is.

Second, the Linux distribution

The most basic definition of Ubuntu is the Linux distribution.In the past, I always heard about the word release, but I never knew what the distribution meant.So check the information here to share with you.

As far as the essence of Linux is concerned, it is only the core of the operating system. It is responsible for controlling hardware, managing file systems, and procedural processes. It does not provide users with various tools and application software.The so-called workmanship is a good thing, must be the first to sharpen its tools, a set of excellent operating system core, if there is no powerful application software can be used, such as C / C + + compiler, C / C + + library, system management tools, network tools Office software, multimedia software, graphics software, etc., can not play its powerful functions, users can not just use this system core to work, so people centered on the Linux kernel, and then integrate with a variety of system management software or The application software constitutes a complete operating system. Such a combination is called a Linux distribution.

Personally, the relationship between Linux and Ubuntu is a bit like the relationship between Android and MIUI.However, Ubuntu should do more in customization.Pure Linux system kernel compiled out said only a few M size, the smallest Linux system ttylinux is a small distribution that only requires 8M disk space, the minimum requirement is 12M memory.

Third, recommend several conscience GUI applications


Wps office LInux version, powerful text, forms, PPT office software.There are more and more WPS office advertisements on Android and Windows platforms, but Linux is quite pure. Ubuntu first saw

  • Download address: http://community.wps.cn/download/

Netease Cloud Music

I installed it shortly after the release. It looks exactly like the desktop and UWP versions under Windows. It supports online and local music playback and desktop lyrics. Ubuntu first saw

  • Download address: http://music.163.com/#/download

Wine QQ

Linux under the QQ client, some basic functions, but I feel more Bug, and because the 2012 version of the windows on the QQ is almost, and now for a long time no update. * Download address: http://www.ubuntukylin.com/applications/showimg.php?lang=cn&id=23

Fourth, share a few tips

Multiple desktop and hot zones

Download Unity Tweak Tool, like Mac, supports moving the mouse to the edge of the screen to display the desktop, window tiles, task switching and so on.This is very user-friendly when opening many windows at the same time. Ubuntu first saw Ubuntu first saw

Call out the command line window shortcuts

Ctrl + Alt + T

More tips to use! Welcome to share!


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