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How big a computer memory disk

Using computer memory When the hard disk is used, the speed of program running and file reading and writing will be greatly increased. For an intuitive understanding, the extremely guest uses disk speed testing software to test their own memory disk (1G in size) and mechanical hard disk partition (size For 30G), the test results are as follows: In contrast, the speed of the memory and mechanical hard disk is in turmoil and I will not explain it.

Memory characteristics

Computer programs are typically stored on disk. Data is read from disks, written to memory, and then processed by the CPU.Because of the fast processing speed of the CPU, the disk cannot meet this speed, so it is necessary to transfer the data to the high-speed memory.Repeatedly processing data through the CPU must also frequently read and write memory, memory at the same time to the CPU's data read and write requests to give a lightning response. Therefore, in addition to high speed, memory features frequent reading and writing and fast response.As for how to make a virtual disk, you can use the Baidu keyword "How to make a virtual hard disk with a large memory."

How to make full use of a virtual disk (memory disk)

Because of the above characteristics of memory, we also need to use it as a blade to use memory as a virtual disk.We don't use virtual memory to store movie music because the speed of the disk can fully meet the requirements for playing movie music (you don't usually find that you save the movie when it is played locally). At the same time, the memory capacity is small and expensive. It is not realistic to save movie music. The example of film music is to say that we don't put data with large read and write speed on the virtual hard disk.What kind of data do you need to read and write faster and the file size is not large?

1. System, browser and other application cache

No matter what you don't know about caching, but if you often use computer housekeeping software to clean up computer junk, the terms “system, browser, and other application cache” must not be unfamiliar. Use memory to make a virtual disk Cache is generally the most active file system and application to access, at the same time will produce a lot of disk fragmentation, and it is read and write speed requirements are also high.Therefore, the cache on the memory disk in addition to improving the response speed can also reduce the damage to the disk. How to cache the virtual disk, you can Baidu "how to modify the browser cache directory", "how to modify the XX software cache file storage location"

2. Temporary files

Temporary files will bring more disk fragments. More disk fragmentation will damage the disk. The method of modifying the temporary file directory is to modify system environment variables.Change the temp and TMP values ​​in the environment variable to the virtual disk address. Right Computer - Properties - Advanced System Settings - Environment Variables.  

3. Project Files in Software Development

The programmer will call a large number of project files when debugging the compiler. The speed of the disk is often the chief culprit of the compilation speed. Using a virtual disk to store these files without using a SSD will greatly increase the compilation speed, but it is usually not stored. Placed in the virtual disk, the following is the reason:

4. Risk

Memory has data volatility, if the computer unexpectedly power off the virtual disk file may be lost, the project file can only be compiled on the inside, if you usually store it, may be a few days of hard work due to unexpected power failure attributed to nothingness . So you can see that in addition to the project files, the above cache, temporary files are often optional files, accidental loss is also irrelevant, right to help you clear up computer junk.    


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