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Disk and memory

Extreme guests are deeply troubled by insufficient memory when using android Studio to develop Android. For this reason, a 4G memory module is purchased. The speed of the computer is therefore improved. The memory occupancy rate is generally 30%. The android studio and virtual machine are enabled. There is also a lot of memory.In order to make the remaining large amount of memory as much as needed, as much memory as possible makes the computer's performance improved.Extreme guests decide to adjust their virtual memory size while opening up a portion of memory when the hard disk is used.Of course, these methods are only suitable for the computer friends who are willing to use the memory. Those who have learned or know a little about computers know that memory and hard disks are the key parts of computers. Of course, now that smartphones are popular, even uncles and elder sisters in primary school culture know the memory, but they always have memory cards (memory cards) and memory (running memory )stupidly can not tell.The hard disk on your computer corresponds to the memory card of your phone.How much does the memory of a person who knows a computer computer know how much the memory of a person's cell phone, when he hears the answer "16G", he always smiles. In fact, the memory in the computer field refers to running memory, not the memory card that people are used to saying. .The current mainstream computer memory is 4G or 8G. The memory of mobile phones is 512M, 1G, 2G, 3G, etc. The disks on computers are generally 500G and 1T (1T=1024M). The memory cards of mobile phones now generally reach 16G and 32G.So you can see a huge difference between a memory card (or hard disk) and memory.Relative to the hard disk memory card, memory is more than a little expensive.For example, the price of the 4G computer memory I just bought was 166 yuan, while the 500G mechanical hard disk was sold for about 250 yuan. As an example, the same capacity, the price ratio of memory to the mechanical hard disk is about 80:1, and at the same time the memory is read. Write speeds up to 100 times that of mechanical hard drives! Use Memory to Make Virtual Disks and Disks to Make Virtual Memory    

Small memory computer how to configure virtual memory

Because memory is relatively expensive, low-end computers often run out of memory and cannot run a lot of software, but the hard disk capacity is relatively abundant. In order to make the computer run as much software as possible, the "surplus value" of the hard disk is used. The windows operating system has Open up a piece of hard disk space for use as memory, this feature is enabled by default.The hard disk is not memory after all, so it is called "virtual memory"; at the same time, the speed of the memory is far from the hard disk can match, so the hard disk as the memory enable running multiple programs but will reduce the operating speed. For the virtual memory configuration under Windows, readers can own Baidu.

Large memory computer how to configure the virtual disk

Corresponding to the above, many computers now have 8G/16G memory configured or upgraded. Such a large amount of memory is often redundant. To make full use of the “ability” of memory, we can read and write quickly, and we can use third parties. The software uses the memory as a disk, and the memory at this time is called a "virtual disk". For the virtual disk configuration under Windows, readers can own Baidu, how much virtual disk speed, you can refer to "use memory to do virtual disk"


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