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Because Ruijie is not enough, the extreme guests are bumping around looking for free internet access. Some time ago, they found that they could use the 6 free internet access methods immediately. They found that after completing Ruijie and then they would not be able to access the intranet IP after 6 and they would not be able to access the school. The FTP, the remote desktop in the school lab could not access the dormitory computer, and our visit to the campus network and free internet access seemed to be an incomparable thing for both the fish and the paw.The guests here share with you how to use the command line to access the intranet and extranet at the same time.

I. Problem Analysis

We know that a gateway is an IP address that connects two different networks or one network to other networks.Pole users enter "ipconfig" at the command line to get the local IP information as follows: IPconfig As apparent from the "Local Connection 3" immediately 6 and the "local connection" campus network is not on a network segment.Then I enter the "route print" command line to get the local routing information: IPV4 routing table [/ caption] The key is the first figure: The corresponding gateway with a network destination of is a gateway address of immediately 6:, which means that we will access all the network targets that do a special record and will deliver the data to the gateway instead of the campus network gateway. polar guests also had no access to the school's internal IP after joining Ruijie and 6 immediately. For example, the college FTP server IP: and the school lab computer with IP 192.168.4.* could not access the computer in my dormitory.So what I need to do is configure the gateway for these IPs for the campus network gateway. The following is a method of using the command line to access both internal and external networks, not just for the campus network.

Second, use the command line to visit the internal and external network at the same time

In the state of connecting to the campus network only, enter the command line ipconfig, get the "default gateway":, subnet mask: [caption id="attachment_1252" align="aligncenter" width="634"] Get the campus network gateway Command indicator for configuring gateway and subnet mask for intranet IP (admin running):

Route add -p mask route add -p mask route add -p mask


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