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In the previous blog, we introduced the method of using word to write wordpress blog. The friends who may use it found that word does not set the label for the article, set the release date, preview and view the source code, if you are not satisfied with Word writing wordpress blog , then recommend you a very friendly software: Windows Live Writer (referred to as WLW).Here to tell you how to write WordPress logs offline with Windows Live Writer

WLW can automatically detect and save the visual theme of your web log.So, before the blog is released, you can really see the appearance and layout of the log during the process of writing the log, and you don't have to waste time online to preview it.What needs to be pointed out is that it can do almost everything you can do online!

The detailed settings for the WordPress blog are as follows:

Step one: Preparation

1, the official website to download Windows Live Writer software, address: Windows Live Writer 2011 (Simplified Chinese version)

2. Log in to your WordPress administrator background and activate "XML-RPC" (Enable XMLPress Release Agreement for WordPress, Movable Type, MetaWeblog, and Blogger) in the "Remote Release" section of [Settings - Compose].

Step two: Install the software

Run the installer and check Writer to install it.

In addition, you can install as required to install other applications (since the download is Microsoft Windows Live package, so it covers many other Microsoft software tools, please check the download according to your needs)

Step 3: Set up Windows Live Writer

1. After installing the Writer, the following prompt will pop up automatically. Click Next.

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

2. Select "WordPress" and click Next.(If the log service you are using is not in the list, please select "other services", below I will explain the "other services" option)

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

3. After clicking Next, you will be prompted to fill in the log account information.Please fill in your blog's homepage address at the log URL.The username and password are the login user name and password for your blog's backend (not the nickname you have set for the log).If your computer is not public, check "Remember my password."

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

4. After filling in the account contents, click Next to start detecting connection to your account, as shown below.

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

Note: If you are connected to the log server, the following error message appears, you need to manually modify the relevant files:

Error message: "Unable to connect to your log service: Invalid server response - The response to the blogger.getUsersBlogs method received from the log server was invalid: Invalid response document returned from XmlRpc server Please try to solve the problem and try again.”

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

The root cause of the problem is because of a bug in WordPress itself. Under utf-8 encoding, the format returned by xml-rpc is incorrect and three bytes are missing. To fix this problem, do the following:

a) Find the class-IXR.php file (note: before WordPress 2.9, the file name might be chass.ixr.php). This file is located in the wp-includes folder in the root directory of the blog, and then opened it with a text editing tool. (editplus is recommended);

b) Find the following statement:

$length = strlen($xml);

Replace it with:

$length = strlen($xml)+3;

Everyone notices that the above method is for versions later than 2.9. In versions before WordPress 2.9, there was no class.ixr.php file. Instead, it was called the chass.ixr.php file. It was actually a change to the chass.ixr.php file after the WordPress upgrade. Become class-IXR.php.Regardless of the version, modifying the class-IXR.php/ or the chass.ixr.php file according to the above solution, the problem is easily solved!

5. During the detection process, the prompt window “Do you want to issue a temporary log?” will appear, as shown below.It is recommended to select "No" directly.

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

6. After the test is complete, the following window will appear. By default, your blog title will be directly extracted.Of course, you can also enter your own nickname.Click "Finish" to set up success.

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

When you want to re-edit log settings information, you can edit the changes again in WLW's Manage Log Accounts.Pictured:

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

After setting up, you can use Windows Live Writer to write a blog. Compared to WordPress's own editor, there are many advantages, especially for multi-map log, offline writing reduces the cumbersomeness of uploading pictures.Writer's insert table and map functions are also not available in WordPress's own editor. Since Windows Live Writer is a Microsoft product, the inserted map is a Bing map.

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

Windows Live Writer can also set log categories, ping settings, authors, abstracts, release dates, tags, data fields (permalinks), etc. Almost all WordPress editors come with features (see below), but I'm used to Simple Tags One click tag function (Click tags), if you must use it, you can use Windows Live Writer to publish it and then go to the WordPress editor and edit it again.

Write WordPress Log Offline with Windows Live Writer

The preview function of Windows Live Writer is more complete than WordPress. Click the preview button to directly preview the post-release effect (if there is no display effect, try to update the topic online).

Windows Live Writer recently published and draft storage directory

Although Windows Live Write does not provide a backup draft feature, we can backup Windows Live Write drafts by copying the files in the Windows Live Write installation directory.(Since it is installed by default on the C drive, be sure to back up the relevant Windows Live Write draft folder if you reinstall the system.)

The path for the most recently published and drafted directory: C: Documents and Settings UserName My Documents My Weblog Posts (where "C" refers to the drive letter of the hard disk partition on which the system resides.If the "My Documents" directory specifies a location, you should enter the previously specified location. Enter the folder and you will see the "Drafts" and "Recent Posts" directories.

Drafts: The directory where drafts are stored. The saved logs exist in the wpost file format and can be opened directly with WLW.

Recent Posts: recently published storage directory, saved logs exist in wpost file format, can be opened directly with WLW.

Since the backup draft is placed on the system disk by default, in order to avoid system reinstallation or other problems, try to back up the directory to other partitions or USB flash drives regularly.After the system is reinstalled and Windows Live Writer is installed, the "Drafts" is restored to the original directory folder, and the Windows Live Writer draft can be restored, which is very convenient.

Windows Live Writer Download


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