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The realm of life we ​​have walked throughWhen we were children, we felt that the world was innocent, everything was so beautiful, the world was like a garden, the bees were flying and dancing, and the sun was shining. When we grew older, we read some books, met more people, and saw more. The world is full of life and slowly discovers that there are many dark sides in the world. How can people be so bad? Well, this country is too dark and the society is too hopeless. We live in a layer of haze and live under the shadows of time. As time goes by, this haze feels more and more heavy. Later, I traveled many roads, met more things, experienced many chills in my life, convinced many sages of many sages, and understood many of my thoughts of evil people, and found that life was touched by bits and pieces. With warmth, I slowly discovered that the world is not as dark as I imagined. There are many helplessness among the mortal beings. There are many people who do not have superficial ignorance that I do not understand.Did I just be one-sided? No, I believe that understanding requires a process. Breaking into a butterfly, back to nature, so many Jiangshan ah!The world is so real, so vast, I solve all kinds of doubts, break through the haze of my heart, see the long absence of sunshine, the world is getting brighter and brighter; life suddenly suddenly sees itself, the world is not the blue sky and white clouds, but the kind of sunset Magnificent!
One day, when you were alone on the high-rise building and looked to the end of the world, someone said to you, you are still in the first realm, ah, naive!I hope that you can be confident that this is the shallowness of others, and embrace the falsehood of others with kindness.

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