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The newly established wordpress site, whether it is the front desk or the back office, generally has the problem of opening speed.The author also encountered this problem, and then introduced to everyone: There are two reasons why the newly-built wordpress website is slow. There are two reasons: 1.Google is blocked by the Internet Great Wall in mainland China, causing the website to use Google's resources can not be loaded; 2.wordpress The Gravatar avatar could not be loaded (also a result of a wall drop); How to build a new wordpress website

How to solve google font cannot be loaded

The best way is to disable the google font service.

Google's frequent visits to mainland China have also affected google api and some public services. The now popular google fonts are also plagued by many google public library files that are slow to access or simply inaccessible, such as: theme. Googleusercontent.com, fonts.google apis.com, ajax.google apis.com Many website frontends had previously used google's address directly, which would affect the speed of website opening more or less (but I didn't encounter this problem. It is the reason to use theme that countryman does.)


1. Install the plug-in: Search for the Disable Google Fonts in the plug-in, select Install, and then enable it. This will disable the loading of Google fonts, which will increase the speed of access. The public library resources (http://libs.useso.com/) provided by the 360 ​​website guardian recently have actually improved a lot. This plugin is to replace all Google google.com domain links by calling 360's CDN common front-end public library. Plug-in download address: http://baiye.us/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/googlefontsto360.zip 2, delete the code: Many people do not like to use plug-ins then this can modify the code to open / wp-includes / script-loader .php Search for fonts.googleapis.com to find the code location. Simply remove the //fonts.googleapis.com/... link.(Before you modify the data, please backup the data, use / / comment out is also possible Oh) 3, it is recommended to use this method, in turn open / wp-includes / script-loader.php, about 581 lines of position, replace Google's font library For the 360 ​​website defender's domestic CDN node, replace fonts.googleapis.com with fonts.useso.com in the /wp-includes/script-loader.php file.

How to solve the problem that WordPress's Gravatar picture cannot be loaded

First talk about what is a gravatar avatar

Gravatar's name is Globally Recognized Avatar (Global Avatar), an online avatar service provided by a foreign website (http://www.gravatar.com). It is mainly used in blogs and forum messages, relying on email address recognition and judgment for each user. The personalized generic avatar service is completely free. It was originally used on WordPress and has now blossomed. Many bloggers support Gravatar's avatar display.——Because the wall is missing, all blogs generally have problems with the avatar unable to load.

Introducing the Avatar Plugin - WP User Avatar

After installing WP User Avatar, you can set up the default avatar in the background - Settings - Discussion, and also in the background - Users - My Profile, adds a custom avatar function that allows users to set their own avatars.In this way, if the user sets his own picture in "Personal Data", it is displayed first. If it is not set, the user's Gravatar picture or the default picture of the website is displayed.Detailed reference address: http://www.wpdaxue.com/wp-user-avatar.html

If you want to keep Gravatar service, you can do this

Reference address: http://www.v7v3.com/wpjiaocheng/201401511.html  



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