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When I was in junior high school, I spent the most painful time in my life.The so-called poor and after-work, I like to write, have experienced some things, and many things look better.A new idea, a bit of social, political, and military thinking, appeals to the bottom of the book.The pain of life, talking to himself in the Zhouji book, is the best treatment and adjustment.Writing a weekly record is the happiest thing in my high school era, and it is also the most lonely phase. The one-by-one reading at the nib is the footprint of the lonely traveler.Although this path is only your own, the weekly copybook after writing seems to be a good friend who knows you all. Why write My junior high school language is very poor, in fact, it is not too bad, but the language in front of my mathematical physics and chemistry too frightened.I liked and thanked Shen, a teacher of the third year. She allowed me to develop the habit of writing Zhou Ji. After some things like “sentimentality” and unintelligible monolingualism, I like to write. At that time, the text was negative. In tone, but fortunately the teacher did not give the so-called "criticism," perhaps in my opinion now because those may be the negative energy that every person must have, so that students vent their best is to guide doubts; instead, She also expressed her appreciation and understanding to my thoughts and pain.Writing, I finally got deeper words than my peers, and it didn't make me go to negative and depression. University, especially this year, I think I have ushered in the climax of changes in life thinking; the industry thinking that work is changing with the times, the world outlook for people, and the concept of love and marriage that are related to happiness are changing.Those who once thought they were familiar with or even considered them as confidants would become completely unrecognized at one time; their views on one person were sometimes hateful and sometimes loved.Between the ambiguous thoughts and the love-hate relationship, once I thought that there was a steady state of precipitation, I once again rolled up my mind and storm.I think writing can make my mind more clear and my heart more clear.The confusion of the mind makes it easy for people to misjudge things and even be malicious to the world.Being an optimistic and positive person is the kind of optimism and positiveness that has remained unchanged at the beginning.At the beginning, the heart decided to go in the direction of advancement, and the exercise of heart was stronger.


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