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Required tools


  1. System image
  2. One U disk (greater than 1G)
  3. New system NIC driver installation package (prepare!Without a network card driver, your new system will not be able to network

The first step: making winPE system boot disk

For u disk system, first need to do a system called winPE.What is the winPE system?Before answering this question, I think we all know a common sense of computers. The operation of computers is based on operating systems. The operating system provides functions such as device management and storage management for computers. It can be said to be the soul of a computer. Reading and writing files on a computer requires the operating system to support it.Installing the system on the hard disk is to write the system files in, and then let the computer run these program files to let the computer run.The process of loading the system is to write the system files into the disk.As mentioned before, the storage management of computers requires the operating system to support them.Since it is necessary to install a computer system, the original computer is naturally no operating system, then how to achieve the file is written? Therefore, we need to use a system called “winPE” as a starting point. We generally put the PE system on the USB disk, and then let the computer boot the operating system from the USB disk—winPE. The PE system in the USB disk is loaded with the real disk. The operating system to use.The system nature of winPE is essentially the same as our commonly used XP and win7. It is only that the system is relatively small (the disk space occupied and the running memory usage are relatively small, and some people also call it a "mini system"). We often just use this system to install and maintain the operating system, we do not need it as powerful as win7 and winXP all the features, winPE interface and XP, 7 almost, but often can not be networked, there is no powerful graphics processing functions, etc. It is essentially a streamlined version of WIN XP, WIN7, and others.It often provides disk management functions, and then you can partition your disk and write system files.

1. Download Chinese cabbage and other PE production tools, software download and production tutorial address: http://www.winbaicai.com/down_130.html.

At present, the author knows that the more famous PE system is the old peach and cabbage, I chose the cabbage, the above address is introduced in detail, the process of making u disk boot disk will not be described one by one; need to give tips At the time, systems using these PEs were sometimes forced to bundle up ads and rogue software. Fortunately, Chinese cabbage itself provided an option to remove advertisements.

2. The specific method of Chinese cabbage PE advertising

Enter the "Personal Settings" menu of the Chinese Starter's U disk boot disk creation tool software. There is a Chinese cabbage sponsor at the bottom right. Uncheck both of the following two options and then it will pop up a cancel password.Enter: "winbaicai.com"

The second step, boot into the BIOS, select the system startup item

After u disk boot disk we need to start the computer from the u disk instead of the hard disk, so you need to set it in the bios, because the various manufacturers bios settings are not the same, specifically enter the bios and modify the startup method, you can separately Baidu "[How your computer brand] enters the BIOS "and" [your computer brand] how to boot from a USB drive". The author's computer is Dell's, it provides a quick way to choose F12 hotkey to select startup items; As far as I know, ASUS needs to modify the hard disk boot order in disk boot, you can use "+" or "-" to change boot Order (for beginners, you really have to be good here Baidu, the specific brand approach is not the same). Here need to be reminded that u disk boot options generally carry "USB".

The third step, enter the windowsPE system

In the startup item options, select “u disk” and press enter. Then enter the windows PE system. Use the up and down arrow keys to select “02” “running Chinese cabbage WinPEx64 official version” with “上下” and “↓” and enter Chinese cabbage installed system  

Step 4: Format the C drive (when the dual system is installed, you can retain the C drive, format the D drive, and install the new system on the D drive)

U disk windowsPE reinstall windows system

Step 5: Load the system image into a virtual disc

  The general PE tools provide virtual CD function. You can double-click the virtual CD image file with format .iso. Then you can see the system's virtual CD in the computer's drive.

Step 6: Open Application Software "Win System Installer" Install System

U disk windowsPE reinstall windows system   Select the install.wim file: Click to start the installation.The system installation process began, which took about 8 minutes. After the system is installed, restart the computer.

At last

The first step after installation of the system is to install the system. Personally, it is recommended to use the hardware driver provided by the computer manufacturer's official website.One network card driver and graphics driver can be installed first, the lack of network card driver can not be networked; lack of graphics driver, will not be able to obtain smooth video, animation experience, the window can not be transparent, the brightness can not be adjusted. If you are afraid to install the driver trouble, you can Baidu "drive wizard", "drive life" and other tools for installation, personal or recommended to use the official website driver.


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