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In general, remote desktops are generally used for remote management of server management and general computers in LANs.In fact, the remote desktop is not only limited to the LAN, as long as the IP is reachable, our computers can all be remote desktop connections on other computers.Due to insufficient IPV4 addresses, IPv4 over NAT does not allow us to find any host on the Internet, but endless IPv6 addresses this problem perfectly.Due to the fact that some schools, such as extreme guests, connect to the campus network, Ruijie must use account authentication to access IPv4 computers in the LAN.Therefore, in the school computer room remote desktop desktop computer, often encountered Ruijie did not log in and can not connect to the dormitory computer problems.However, if you visit through IPV6 do not have to consider this issue, of course, I have no way to plug your network cable. There is no difference between IPv6 and remote desktop and IPv4. How to use remote desktop to control your own computer is described in my previous article:

The first step, get the local IPV6 address and domain name resolution

The advantage of IPV6 is that the address is long (128-bit binary), so the number is so large that it can mark any sand on the earth. The disadvantage of this is that the address is long--not remember.Therefore, remote desktop management of your computer must not use IPv6 addresses. Using domain name resolution is an inevitable choice. IPv6 domain name resolution is the same as IPv4, you only need to add an AAAA record in the domain name management. Specifically how to obtain the local IPv6 address for IPv6 domain name resolution please refer to: http://wangbaiyuan.cn/setting-up-ipv6-ftp-and-web-server-implements-cross-school-access.html#title-0 For example, the domain name resolved by the polar guests is: ipv6.wangbaiyuan.cn.

The second step, IPV6 domain name connection remote desktop

Open the remote desktop and enter the IPV6 domain name you resolved: IPV6 Remote Desktop

Q: Ruijie did not board or break, how can I not even remotely?

  • 1. The school computer room supports IPV6 to log in to your computer with IPV6;
  • 2. The school room does not support IPV6. Use someone else who has already boarded a student computer on Ruijie to connect his computer, then remotely connect his computer, connect your computer remotely via IPv6, and then board your Ruijie school computer. IPv4 connects your computer.

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