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In ThoughtWorks, there are three pillars: continuous business(P1), software excellence(P2), social and economic justice(P3). Taking P3 as a mission of company makes ThoughtWorks unique in all companies.In this week, The founder of ThoughtWorks ,Roy ,has sold ThoughtWorks to APAX, a private equity investment group in Europe, After that the topic about whether P3 will be reserved in The missions of ThoughtWorks are responsible discussion among ThoughtWorkers. Social and economic justice is a serious topic in ThoughtWorks. In TWU, this topic will be talked about almost every week.

  The social respect for information technology affects women's information technology, and the work of IT is considered to be very hard and programers work overtime. In China , girls are expected to find a job with little strength. We have done some research to know about the general situation about women in IT.The first problem is gender imbalance. We have found the proportion of women at entry levels in IT are very low, and it tends to worsen as women become more senior. Women in IT A study shows that In USA, IT jobs held by women is only 25%. The second situation we have found there is common pay gap between men and women.In 2015,women working full time in the united states were paid just 80% of what men were pay, it means it's a gap of 20% percent.

The another problem is about sexual harassment, a fact really surprize me that a study shows that 60% of women in silicon valley has timely sexual harassment.


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