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For blogs, the average number of users will not be too large. Sometimes registered users may not remember their registered user names, but they often know the registered mailbox.Its implementation in the mainstream login system generally supports both user name and mailbox login. This reduces the probability that the user forgets the user name. WordPress does not support mailbox login.In order to facilitate everyone's registered visit, Wang Baiyuan's blog supports QQ login, but in fact QQ login user name is a long, seemingly irregular string, the user can not remember.In order to solve this problem, I'll introduce you to the way wordpress allows you to log in using your mailbox and password.Add the following code to the theme template function file "functions.php" file.

WordPress allows login using email and password

There are WP Email Login plugins for using email to login wordpress, but personally feel that using pure code is completely alternative.Using too many plugins has a negative impact on the speed of your website.


Learn more about the pure code implementation of plug-in functionality, you can refer to wordpress no plug-in to achieve six classic features


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