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Wordpress website system provides us with a wealth of plug-in features, but use too many plug-ins often slow down the speed of the site, in fact, the function of some small plug-in we can use their own code, the following is my wordpress classic for everyone Featureless plug-in pure code implementation method, code from the Internet.If no special instructions, the following code in the theme folder (... / wp-content / themes / your theme /) template function functions.php file, modify method: copy and paste the following code into functions.php <?php........?> Local area.

WordPress without plugins for six classic features

Modify wordpress code to implement smtp mail function

Related plug-ins: easy wp smtp download address ((I personalized))


WordPress Plugin Code Implementation Comments Reply Email Notification



The article picture automatically adds alt and title information

  WordPress Text Tag Keywords Automatic Inner Chain


 Avatar uses more say gravatar server or SSL link


 Replace article or comment content outside the chain




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