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When we write blogs, sometimes it's confusing to simply record a bug in the program, or just to express a bit of thoughts.If wordpress can be written like a qq space, it can be written as well as written.Helpless wordpress did not have this feature, and I did not find such a plugin. Today, I will teach you to write and talk about wordpress. It's very simple and the code is very few.First add the following code in the theme's functions.php:

Code section

  Then create a new page template, such as "page-shuoshuo.php"

CSS styles:


Then create a new page so that its page template is "talk" style.You can visit my "blog talk" preview

Screenshot preview

wordpress implementation effect _Wang Boyuan blog


At the request of many netizens, I wrote the above functions as plugins. For details, please refer to "BY talks about -wordpress talk about plugin publishing and feedback."


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