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Yesterday evening, the author was really depressed for a while, because my blog from the Baidu search for his own name dropped from the first to 25, has been unable to find the reasons.Today we finally got a more reliable message.Believe it or not, I believe it! For this storm, I gave everyone a look at the online statement, I hope cn site survived 


From "Go to school"

According to feedback from webmasters, on January 1st, 2015, Baidu's search engine experienced large-scale fluctuations. As a result, the ranking of high-volume websites was reduced, the collection was reduced, the traffic volume was greatly reduced, and the weight was reduced. In terms of the situation, the main ones are:

1. A large number of cn-like domain name websites have been recruited, and there have been a large number of long-tailed keywords disappearing and keyword rankings falling.

2. According to Chinaz's sample survey: this time, the proportion of K websites has reached 5%

3. The rumors of this "event" Baidu New Year's Day on the line of the new algorithm - Ruili algorithm

4. Many websites reflect: 25%-75% reduction in traffic

5. Baidu official staff said that it is investigating and it is expected to publish relevant announcement on Baidu webmaster platform on January 3rd.

From "Chinese papers network"


The New Year's Day holiday is originally a festive day, but the 2015 New Year is a cold day for the majority of webmasters. From the chart of China Stationmaster Station data vane, we can see that the ratio of the 2015 New Year Baidu K station: 1.22% on January 1st, 2.87% on January 2 and 11.27% on January 3, this time Baidu is really enough Awkward.For the majority of webmasters, I do not know whether it is a big heart or a big pain.For people who were not K, it was a big heart, and it was a big pain to people who were stationed in K. As a small webmaster, like the majority of small webmasters, what they love to do on a daily basis is to look at how much their own websites have collected, how many are ranked, and how many people visit. On the morning of January 1st, I discovered that my keyword on the website with a good ranking was suddenly gone. At that time, I felt sad, but other keywords were still there. I thought it was Baidu's adjustment and I would return it after some time.A friend told me at noon that more than 600 of the top 50 keywords on his website had been falling down. I also comforted him a bit, thinking that it was his server instability during this period of time and he had a good server.Check the station in the afternoon, the keyword suddenly fell to only 3, rankings also fell in square base, God, fell to 700,000 open, it is estimated that Baidu k site, and that was disheartened.On the second day, I continued to observe that the inclusion did not decrease. There were still more than a few hundred. The homepage did not fall. My friend told me that he had stopped. I checked it, and the number of keywords increased by almost 20, just the website. Reduce from weight 3 to 2. From various indications, our stations have been downed, and the inclusion continues. That is, the rankings have dropped.Be a kind of punishment, usually their own web site is neglected management, can add some original or pseudo original in the early stage, ranking very fast, but time has not managed with patience, bought a locomotive to collect, feel that use software to do Pseudo-original destroys the viewer's experience, so it has never been pseudo-originated. Collecting articles should be the main reason for this punishment. The majority of webmasters should not be disheartened. As long as they stick to the correct path and think less clever, everything should be better. This should be Baidu’s determination to reorganize the network in 2015.The following is the scale of the K station, there is a picture of the truth.

2015 New Year's Day Baidu New Year's Day K station intelligence summary 2015 New Year's Day Baidu K station proportion

From "SEO Research Association Web"

SEO Research Association Webnews: 2015 New Year's Day, New Year's Day, what a wonderful moment.However, for SEOer and webmaster, this is an unusual New Year's Day.At the beginning of New Year's Day, January 1, 2015, Baidu's search engine experienced large-scale fluctuations. As a result, the ranking of high-volume websites was reduced, the collection was reduced, the traffic decreased rapidly, the weight was reduced, and even some websites were even worse.Just as everyone was indulging in the joy of the New Year, the webmaster's ring broke the tranquility caused by the second year of the New Year.     Judging from the current web response situation, there are several exceptions to the website: First, the decline in the number of keywords in the industry Second, the site has been included in the page decrement three, site rankings are not included, including the site name ranking Fourth, the site full-time decline significantly The website stops or reduces new records. However, judging from the current reaction situation, there is not much K phenomenon in the whole network.Most of them are the decline in rankings and the series of reactions resulting from the drop in rankings, such as the drop in traffic, the drop in Baidu's weight, and so on.

2015 New Year's Day Baidu New Year's Day K station intelligence summary 2015 New Year's Day Baidu New Year's Day K station intelligence summary Baidu official webmaster response

    According to a survey conducted by the SEO Research Association.net researcher, the K-station has caused many station chiefs to be caught unprepared, a wide range of design, and a large design depth. It was not possible to compare several Baidu adjustments in 2014.When everyone was talking about the situation, SEO Research Association Netsailao launched the SEO Research Network. The observers conducted a one-to-one investigation and a phenomenon analysis on the feedback from the webmasters.

    Although it is still impossible to determine the nature and has not received any news from Baidu's official, some preliminary judgments have been made. First, the .cn and .com.cn suffixes have suffered the most injury to the website. From the current reaction, most websites belong to .cn. Suffix website.Including SEO industry professional portal SEO Research Association website (www.seoxiehui.cn) is no exception, received a great deal of implicated, even search the SEO Research Association official website name, can not find the station.

2015 New Year's Day Baidu New Year's Day K station intelligence summary SEO Research Association Official Website Word Rank Disappears

    From the current situation, it is speculated that the .cn and .com.cn websites are implicated, and this may be caused by interference from the relevant national departments and filtering of the entire domestic domain name websites.During this period, some netizens reported that Baidu had been inaccessible for some time.

2015 New Year's Day Baidu New Year's Day K station intelligence summary

    Second, the malicious click on the site was severed by K

    According to the SEO Research Association and the industry’s major SEO discussion, found that in addition to the above mentioned .cn's website has been affected.Some sites that have malicious clicks or sites that are considered malicious clicks have different degrees of influence.Currently, from the analysis of the SEO Research Network, the search index is significantly different between the active and inactive periods due to frequent activities that are usually held.It may be punished by Baidu for mistaken clicks.In the survey of several webmasters, they discovered that their websites had intentional clicks to varying degrees, whether they were tool clicks or deliberate clicks.

At last:

Some netizens reported that this K-station was caused by Baidu's new online Ruili algorithm.In any case, before Baidu’s official announcement was made, this K station involved the light of the scope. It involved a great extent and caused a large number of webmasters to suffer heavy losses. Even some information stations that make a living from the ad network have seen the collapse of economic sources. edge.In order to find out the truth and provide solutions, SEO Research Association.com, as a well-known portal for the SEO industry, will jointly host the "New Year's Day black SEO seminar" in the near future. Please contact the webmaster to participate actively.



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