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The day before yesterday, when Baidu searched Wang Baiyuan’s blog site keywords, he suddenly found a title, profile, and my exact site on the first page of Baidu’s results. Do not know that this site is not a plagiarism in the traditional sense. The chain of fraud is not only copying all of my website, but also replacing all the links in the website with the mirroring website address. I knew this: My website was maliciously mirrored by others. Unlike ordinary mirrors, this mirroring site is not just a website for me but is automatically mirrored.The main performance is:

  • 1 My website: http://wangbaiyuan.cn; The mirror website is: wangbaiyuan.ytlqpo.com.Another website URL: http://weixin.wangbaiyuan.cn, the mirror website is weixinwangbaiyuan.ytlqpo.com After my test: remove your host website record and top-level domain name, plus .ytlqpo.com, you will know Has it been mirrored!
  • 2 to mirror all the links in the mirror site, for example, my website has a friendly link: http://www.zhiyanblog.com, this friendship link will be replaced by: zhiyanblog.ytlqpo.com.

First, the big websites that have been tested by myself are:

360. Ytlqpo.com mirror 360 website sogou. Ytlqpo.com Mirror Sogou search qq. Ytlqpo.com mirror qq official website net. Ytlqpo.com mirror Wanwang official website

Haosou. Ytlqpo.com mirror good search site

360th station of the security station is also not but congratulations Baidu search home page was miraculously escaped

Second, the test webmasters' friends websites are mirrored:

Zhiyan blog.ytl qpo.com mirror image http://www.zhiyanblog.com nai ba.ytlqpo.com image mirror naiba.im wangb aiyuan .ytlqpo.com image http://wangbaiyuan.cn

Third, malicious mirror is very dangerous

The malicious image has copied all the content of the source station. If your website is not high enough in weight, if Baidu cannot tell which source station it is, it will be difficult for you to plagiarise it, if your weight is not enough for others.Whether your weight is high or not, websites that are maliciously mirrored will undoubtedly weaken your weight because Baidu.com has found a lot of content that is exactly the same as yours.Although there are many malicious mirroring solutions on the Internet, I feel that the conditions I encountered this time are not the same as those on the Internet. Many methods used on the Internet do not work.

IV. Solution and countermeasures

After trying a variety of methods, I thought of an expedient measure: prohibiting malicious mirroring websites from accessing IP. The reason why it was an expedient measure was that it would be difficult to guarantee that its IP would change, and that the IP was not a mirroring URL. Because of the many attempts to solve the problem, I discovered that the principle of this malicious mirroring site is probably: When someone visits abc.ytlqpo.com, it will visit (www)abc.com (cnnetccxyz Wang), then return the link to the result of the visit.Therefore, it must have a process of accessing the source station.So the solution is to prohibit this access to IP. After searching a large number of web logs without confirming this IP, I wrote a PHP file to intercept this access IP.

1. Intercepted IP

The above file is named "ip.php" in the root directory of the website. Then I visit wangbaiyuan.ytlqpo.com/ip.php through the mirror website URL, and then get the IP in the ip.txt generated by the above PHP program: 104.194 .16.230 (United States)

2. Block IP

Add the following code in htaccess:

For htaccess shielded IP method, my previous article has a detailed introduction: htaccess shielded ip access. When you visit your site again with a mirrored URL, it will report a 403 error. Now Baidu's inclusion of this URL will not affect your site.

3. Countermeasures

In order to give this mirror site a small "counterattack", I decided to set this 403 error page to the URL of another website. This is done by adding the IP blocking htaccess code:

In this way, when you visit your mirror web site, you will find that it mirrors Baidu News.(I don't know what Baidu spiders found when a website copied something from their own home.)

Demonstration effect:

Wangb aiyuan .ytlqpo.com (in order not to pass weights and publicity to this URL, to prevent linking effect, please copy the link yourself to remove the space to open in the browser) of course you can write your mirroring URL to your own needs Other sites, such as: With it Fanqiang!


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