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Zipkin is a distributed tracking system developed and open source by Twitter, while Axios is a common Javascript HTTP client.Because ZIPKIN-JS officials did not provide axios suitability, and the same type of library Zipkin-jinstrumentation-axios has destroyed the original functionality of Axios, for which the very guest made this library for integration Zipkin and Axios, All of the original method properties of Axios can be supported, and their usage is exactly the same as Axios.


Adds Zipkin Tracing for the Axios JS HTTP client library. It supports all features of Axios.



You need to I w rapAxiosfucntion to wrap the native A xiosinstance, and the A xiosinstance's type/functions/attributes a Re not affected. As a result, you can-zi pkinAxiosthe same as A xios for example:


Interceptors of Axios also supported

You can intercept requests or responses before and is handled by then or catch.


The test cases all passed


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